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St Oswald Lodge No 910
Freemasonry in Pontefract can be traced back at least to a report in the ‘Leeds Mercury’ that on New Years day in 1771, Freemasons wearing regalia and led by a Brass Band paraded through the streets of Pontefract scattering hands full of money.

In 1823 the Provincial Grand Master the Earl of Mexborough tried unsuccessfully to form a Lodge in Pontefract and district, where from some cause his efforts met no encouragement and his personal influence failed to impress the men of Pontefract with the civilising advantages which a lodge infers.

In 1861, three Pontefract citizens, Messrs
Ryder, Rogers and Routledge approached Bro J Rhodes saying they wished to join the craft. Bro Rhodes knew of two others in Pontefract, Bro’s Tew and Hall, they joined four others from the Wakefield Lodge No 727 in petitioning for a warrant to establish Saint Oswald’s Lodge, Warrant No 1212.  This was changed during the renumbering of lodges in 1863 to 910.

The name of the Lodge was no doubt chosen by Bro Tew as suitable for a lodge in the heard of Oswaldcross or Osgoldcross.  Oswald, a soldier king, became Bishop of Durham and it was through him the first Christian Church was built in these parts.  Oswald was slain at Oswestry or Oswaldtree, near Chester, in 642 and was later canonised. The good bishop, as St. Oswald, became the patron saint of this district and a Cross to his memory was erected between Pontefract and Ferrybridge.

The motto of the Lodge, “Sit Lux et Lux frit,” is the latin version of the Hebrew Scripture (Genesis I, 3).  “God said, ‘Let there be light, and there was light.”  And God saw the light that it was good.”

The Warrant of the lodge, signed by the Grand Master, the Earl of Zetland, is dated the 14 February 1862.

Two daughter lodges, Legolium No 1542 and De Lacy No 4643 have been formed.  Legolium Lodge, founded in 1875, was formed for the benefit of those brethren of St Oswald Lodge who resided in Castleford.

De Lacy Lodge was founded and consecrated on 4 November 1924.  A new lodge was deemed necessary as the number of candidates who sought admission St Oswald Lodge during the five years preceding the formation of De Lacy Lodge entailed 46 initiation ceremonies being performed.

In the 1950’s, the desire to partake in the mysteries of Freemasonry was such that the waiting period was four or five years for admission to the Pontefract lodges.  It was then felt that a third lodge would be beneficial to the town and as a result Tateshall Lodge No 7645 was founded and consecrated on 2 October 1959.

If you would like to know more information on how to join Freemasonry please use the contact us page.

St Oswald Lodge
Meets at 6.45pm on

3rd Wednesday in the months of: January, February, March , April (inst), May, June, September, October, November, December.
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